Reiki and Craniosacral Sessions for Holistic Healing

Heal Your Mind and Body Through an Alternative Therapy Approach

Experience physical and emotional relief with assistance from Jenn Norton RN, BSN. I believe that everyone has the ability to self heal and I am merely the facilitator of that healing. Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy work very nicely together to bring harmony back to the body.

My Services

I offer therapeutic sessions that can release accumulated stress from the mind and body. My Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy services are designed to facilitate the process of healing.

Natural Forms of Treatment

Enjoy a Reiki & Craniosacral Therapy session that allows for the client to experience a non-invasive light touch modality, during which I can pick up on restrictions the body is holding. Each appointment usually lasts for an hour with clients fully clothed and relaxed in a comfortable environment.

Service Areas

Although I cater to the local community in Laguna Hills, I also extend my service area to South Orange County & surrounding areas.

A woman getting her head washed by a masseuse.


Contact Us

For additional details about my energy therapy services, please leave me a message. I look forward to assisting you.